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Who are we? - The new generation of home plans provider.
www.homboo.com is an unprecedented online marketplace, where the best home architecture firms and home designers are invited to join and publish their unique home best home designs, for an existing massive market of professional and non-professional homebuilders all around the globe ready to choose and purchase from the best selection of home designs available out there!
The Platform
Our user friendly / innovative platform facilitates professional and non-professional homebuilders in purchasing the right design for their dream home.
Our Services
Floor Plan And Home Fitting
Homboo™ platform allows customers to upload the site they are planning on using for their new home project so they can place the footprint on it and see how it fits and relates to their specific site geometry and context.
Contact Our Architects
Homboo™ customer service will provide direct line to a team of home design professionals where prospective custom home clients will obtain the help and guidance needed to select and purchase the right design.
News & Articles / Blog
It is Homboo's™ intention to our customers with the latest product information, latest design trends home floor plans in the home industry. It is Homboo's™ goal to help all customers, right from the beginning, to start the process of building their new homes on the right foot.
Why choose Homboo? - The problem, the solution and the benefits.
The problem
For a long time the industry of home architecture in home building has been governed by stockplan homes and "home blue print" providers. Studies show that, out of the nearly 750,000 homes built in the United States on a yearly average, somewhere about 98% of them are built from these generic designs. Traditional Stockplan-blueprint providers have kept from innovating their products, offering for the most part old fashioned, traditional, outdated home designs, not achieving the aesthetical excellence and excitement ambitioned by today's market.
The solution - Revolutionizing the stockplan industry, democratizing great architecture
www.homboo.com is a platform that has been designed and developed to offer today's and tomorrow's most exciting, efficient and beautiful home designs; in hand with the tools and support to help professional and non-professional home builders to successfully select and purchase the right design and to start the building process on the right foot.
The benefits - Live better & protect your investment with great architecture!
At Homboo, we understand the importance great architecture and home design have, and their ability to transform people's lives into a more pleasant and richer experience. We also understand the important investment our home represents in our lifes, often being our most important asset.
Homboo allows every prospective home builder with the opportunity to access great architecture at competitive prices, which will in turn allow you to build your dream home with and protect your investment.
Choose homboo and start off right to build your dream home!