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Hallandale Beach, Florida - US
The contemporary-modern design style of this four-bedroom house shows a play of volumes and finishing textures, which are combined to create an exciting and elegant volumetric game. The floor plans have been conceptualized and designed as rational, simple, and open as possible, creating a beautiful and exciting space flow. (check out the kitchen spaces, storage on the lower level) . This house design also provides a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the backyard view. All rooms enjoy extensive window exposure towards the backyard on lower and upper levels. This beautiful contemporary house provides homeowners a lavish lifestyle and a tremendous unparalleled real estate investment… exceeding all expectations!
2946.0 sqft 4 bed 4.5 bath
2 story 52' - 8" wide 87' - 8" deep
Hallandale Beach, Florida - US
This beautiful and innovative three-bedroom house comes complete with a spectacular living room integrated with the backyard, generating an incredible value of peaceful living and connection to its surroundings. Here, the architect highlights the importance of living by providing direct access to yard surroundings from a family, kitchen, dining, and living rooms… (check out the living, dining, kitchen/ family, and office spaces). It also offers an office room strategically located. This innovative best architect home design certainly offers homeowners a lifestyle of its own, a unique floor plan layout, and a tremendous unparalleled real estate investment… exceeding all expectations!
1729.0 sqft 1 bed 1.0 bath
1 story 90' - 4" wide 66' - 8" deep
Hallandale Beach, Florida - US
This industrial two floors/one-bedroom house design combines lots of excitement, innovation, coolness, and simplicity with a touch of elegance. Crisp floor plan design with high ceilings showing white walls and exposed structural ceilings… a great combination! The house's exterior volume richness, maintenance-free industrial finishing, and floor plans scream out load 'best architect home design,' reflecting lots of personality and taste for those searching for a contemporary/ industrial house design and a unique lifestyle. (Check out lower upper floor plans)
653.0 sqft 1 bed 1.5 bath
2 story 36' - " wide 38' - 4" deep

The effort, time, and money needed to build a new house using a generic home blueprint design vs. building it with an outstanding one are about the same... However, the return on the investment is not.

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The Brennan Avenue residence is a custom home that investigates ideas of simplicity, complexity and how they can interact to create a cohesive whole. While the exterior of the project is comprised of simple forms it is realised through a complex palette of materials and articulations. Projections are framed by fins wrapped in steel cladding. The steps to the front porch, while simple in shape, are complex in their execution as the treads extend in specific locations to form planters. At the back of the house a refined wall of windows is topped with a highly expressive canopy that extends six feet from the edge of the house. The interior spaces are interwoven. The kitchen is at the heart of the main floor and flows into the living room and the dining room. The configuration of the main floor has been designed to create a unique character for both the living and dining rooms even though there are no physical barriers separating them. The living room features a wall of windows looking over the rear yard, making it feel like a floating lounge complete with a custom fire place and TV cabinet. The stairs enhance the intermingling of spaces. The stair from ground to second floor is an open riser stair and offers views of the living room and rear yard while the occupant is moving vertically through the space. The second floor includes an impressive double height space over the entrance complete with guard made from a single sheet of glass. The success of this project owes to the clarity of the design between the interior spaces and the exterior articulations of the house. It is a composition of simple moves that have been put together in a complex way.

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According to the an article by the American Institute of Architects, the slowly recovering housing market has particularly benefitted families building new private homes. As the economy continues to bounce back, more families have accumulated the funding to focus again on the appearance of their abodes.
Each year, the American Institute of Architects recognizes some of the best housing designs from across the country. Katherine Williams, an architect based in Northern Virginia, served as this year's jury chair and worked with a panel of four other experts in the field to judge the more than 100 entries submitted for 2017.