Architecture Home Style

Architecture home styles define the way a house looks and feels. They reflect design trends and in some ways the era in which a house was or is designed and built.

Contemporary architecture relates to current designs trends. What was contemporary some years ago, may not be considered contemporary today and what is contemporary today may not be in the near future. Contemporary architecture is in nature innovative, different and uses new and up trending materials and finishings. It displays sustainable home designs, natural and eco-friendly materials.
Industrial home designs relate to an aesthetic style that is inspired from old factories and industrial spaces. In recent years, it has been used to design homes and interior living spaces using components such as weathered wood, exposed building systems, brick, concrete, metal panels and industrial lighting fixtures. It is a great way to inspire and create new and innovative home designs.
Minimalist home designs address the design process by looking at design necessities from a very simple and basic perspective. Minimalism is a philosophy, a reaction to modern life's visual excesses. As the world becomes more and more saturated with extravagances, Minimalist architecture presents an alternative for a simplified, calm, and serene context, with a sensitive sense of clarity, putting all the attention on just few focus points and in great home designs.
Modern architecture revolutionized the world. It was born in early 20th century, braking away completely from centuries of traditional, classical architecture. Modern architecture whipped out the use of unnecessary detailing and introduced the concept of using plain walls made out of simple materials such as steel, glass, concrete and white painted stucco. It is simplistic and typically characterized by having white exterior / interior walls incorporating large windows and open floor plans. The concepts "Form Follows Function" or "Less is More" were born during this time.
Modern Traditional design Style has been borne from perfectly combining Traditional design style with the Contemporary style. It might seem they are standing in opposite corners, but modern style has merged with the traditional style to settle somewhere in the middle, where appreciating historic architecture, interiors and furnishings while also admiring and highlighting clean lines, a lack of clutter, light walls and modern technology. Today, this merging of styles has been dubbed as "Modern or New Traditional" and it works in perfect harmony to make one gorgeous home and family.
Farm House Style was originally created throughout the US country side. Where families, living on small farms, would grow enough for themselves, and maybe a little extra for the markets. In that context, the strict rules of design were not so important. Houses were built quickly, efficiently, and with practical needs in mind. However, in many parts of America today the aesthetic of these old, practical farmhouses is becoming popular once again. This had led to the emergence of what it could be called the modern farmhouse style. Here, this up dated new trend is combining the feel of the old utility-focused farmhouse with the needs of modern comfort and modern simplicity.
The first examples of this style were Mies van der Rodhe his transparent Farnsworth House design, just outside Chicago, in 1951, and Philip Johnson his house in New Canaan, Connecticut, in 1949. These residences were not very well perceived at that time - experiments that were only livable on days with perfect weather. However, architects and designers today have perfected the concept of a glass-walled home, making it a popular option for homeowners with modernist tastes and a desire to be at one with their surroundings.
The original ranch architecture home design style was first built in the 1930s and spent the next four decades popping up all over the countryside. The Modern Ranch home style is now returning as a subtype of modern-style architecture. It embraces open floor plans connecting indoor with outdoor living, with the idea of benefiting each room of the house from direct views of the back yard / garden and sunshine. Modern Ranch style homes are basically a single-story comprising simple designs showing sliding glass doors to provide as much view light as possible.