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Who are we? - The new generation of home plans provider. is an unprecedented online marketplace, where the best home designers worldwide are invited to join and publish their unique home architecture projects, for an existing massive market of professional and non-professional homebuilders all around the globe ready to choose and purchase from the best selection of home designs available out there!
What we are looking for
We are looking to gather great architects with quality home architecture projects, all around the globe, to take part in this revolution of the homebuilding industry, by creating a contemporary modern collection of home plans which has been long overdue and yearned by the industry!
The Platform
Our user friendly / innovative platform facilitates architects in the process of uploading publishing and selling their projects to professional and non-professional homebuilders in an simple and easy way, while also allowing them to keep track of account activity and notifications at all times.
Why join? - The problem, the solution and the benefits.
The problem
As an architect, you surely are familiar with generic online and non-online blueprint home design magazines and how these govern the home building industry almost in its entirety. Studies show that, out of the nearly 750,000 homes built in the United States on a yearly average, somewhere about 98% of them are built from these generic designs. Market share is disproportionate leaning towards generic home blueprints’ providers, disfavoring architects who just account and compete for the remaining 2% of the market. The home designs offered by these providers, are for the most part, old fashioned, outdated and do not achieve the aesthetical excellence and excitement ambitioned by today’s market.
The solution - helping architects is a platform that has been designed and developed to offer today’s and tomorrow’s most exciting, efficient and beautiful home designs in hand with the tools and support needed by professionals and non-professionals home builders to successfully select and purchase the right design and to start the building process on the right foot. Therefore, by providing to the market the ideal market place, provides, to selected architects, a very powerful shopping window which will help them generate tremendous penetration into bigger and broader crowds worldwide.
The benefits - Let your architecture generate a new powerful income stream while reaching all corners of the globe!
Joining, publishing and selling your home designs at will empower you and your work generating the leverage needed to compete on a leveled field with industry giants for a share of that 98% of the US market and worldwide. Your home designs will reach more people than you ever imagined while generating a parallel and powerful income stream.
On the other hand, your work will certainly contribute to spur a new level of excitement and excellence to residential designs throughout cities and suburbs worldwide. While also, providing a new aesthetical standard in home design to a changing and increasingly more demanding market.
Come join the Homboo community and be part of the new generation of home architecture!