Privacy Policy of "Homboo"
Important Notice: Please read carefully this Privacy Policy before using any website referred to below or provide information through any such website. Likewise, note that this Privacy Policy is valid from August 1°, 2017, but it can eventually be amended, adjusted and/or updated, so please check this section periodically for the current version.

This Privacy Policy summarizes all practices of Homboo Digital Inc. in connection with the compilation and use of personal information collected online by websites operated by Homboo and/or its affiliates, where this Privacy Policy is included. Please be informed that this Privacy Policy only applies to websites operated by Homboo. Therefore, sites of third-parties are not covered by this Privacy Policy even if such third-party sites may be accessed via links posted on websites operated by Homboo.

This policy does not cover personal information compiled and obtained offline by Homboo or personal information received online by means other than websites operated by Homboo, such as information provided by physical mail, fax or telephone.

In case this Privacy Policy is subject to considerable variation, we will make it public on our website. Notwithstanding the foregoing access to the website is deemed as acknowledgement and acceptance of this Privacy Policy in its current version at the time the website is accessed.

Please do not hesitate contact us if you have any queries or concerns in connection with this Privacy Policy.
Access by underage children
Homboo is of the position that its website is not destined to children under 13 years of age. We consider very important that parents discuss with their children use of the internet and even more the information they provide online. In this regard, we will only ask for personal information from visitors that are at least 13 years old.

In case that a child of this age group has disclosed personal information to us, a parent or legal guardian of that child may contact us via e-mail at the following address: and confirm to us if they would like such information to be deleted from our records. Should it be the case we will do our best to delete the child’s information from our records.
Information that Homboo™ may collect from users and how is used by the company
Homboo may expressly ask for information from users and also collect information automatically while interacting with users. It is important for you to know that information received by Homboo through its website from you may include personal information, understood as information that can be only identified with you, such as: full name, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers, and home and/or office address. Alike, we may ask for business information like the industry you work in, and job responsibilities you may have, as well as certain information about your organization. Information may be collected by Homboo to offer Homboo products and services, or to assist with online subscriptions or registrations, to sign up for newsletter and/or online surveys. Any time the information requested is necessary for you to participate in a specific feature of our website we will let you know at the time we collect such information.

On the other hand, just as many sites do, information may also be collected by Homboo without you actively providing it, but simply while you are navigating through our website, by means of numerous technologies as cookies and other IP tracking technologies, all of which are in full compliance with the applicable legal provisions governing Homboo’s operations.

We intend to provide you with a tailor-made experience. The information we collect is going to be used to send you information and special offers from Homboo and/or our sponsors from time to time. Data received and/or collected may also be used to customize your Homboo experience and offer you information about manufacturers, updates products and offers, to notify our users about changes in this Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Use, and finally, to provide our business partners and sponsors with information regarding our users.

Hence on top the above, data received/collected by Homboo will also be used to comprehend the conduct and interests of our users, and can be evaluated and combined with the information Homboo may receive from online or offline sources for marketing or other purposes.

Delivery confirmation of customer support e-mails and/or other means of communications with users may be completed by Homboo using web beacons. The above shall guaranty the quality of services offered to you in our website.

We will use cookies to identify registered users and to grant them access to exclusive content specially developed for customers. Cookies are also used to measure traffic on the website and to determine usage patterns and to monitor the number of returning visitors and/or clients. Additionally, cookies are used to simplify the process of entering information in forms found in our website. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you can change the settings in your browser if you do not approve of the use of cookies because it is up to you accept it or not. In any case, please bear in mind that turning off cookies on your browser may result in lack of access to several sections of our website.
About information sharing
We let you know that we share your information with affiliated businesses, corporate affiliates and certain third-party service providers. These service providers retained by Homboo may have access to information gathered from you, but as a security measure use of said data by such service providers will be limited and subject to agreements that restrict disclosure of said personal information.

Furthermore, in restricted circumstances we may also share information about our customers with third parties whom we consider may be potential providers of goods and/or services to our customers. For merchandising, marketing or other purposes we may rent, trade, sell, license and/or otherwise reveal your personal information to third parties. Hence you ought to assume that your personal identifiable data collected by Homboo may be subject to such transactions in the future.

As Homboo may share your information with third parties, we will make our utmost effort so those third parties implement practices similar to ours in order to protect your information. Homboo may also share your information with government agencies, courts or law enforcement agencies as required by law. On top of the above, in case of sale of our assets to a third party, we will share your information with the purchaser.

If our customers wish additional information from manufacturers in our directory and/or from our sponsors, Homboo may assist customers to contact such manufacturers and/or sponsors. In order to do so, Homboo may share the information of the customer concerned with such third party.

Our website may include ads from our sponsors which can ask for information, or carry technology to gather information from our users. Thus, Homboo users accessing those ads do so at their own risk and are advised to consult the applicable terms of use and privacy policies of said ads.

Finally, our website may allow you to share Homboo content with your contacts, friends and/or family with our help. If you use this service, we will immediately send an e-mail to whom you direct us to with the information concerned. In these cases, you will be identified as the sender of the information.
About social media websites
Our websites may include links that connect to third-party social media websites, such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, among others. Those social media sites have their own privacy policies, which means that they may compile personal information from you and use and reveal such information based on their own policies. Therefore, please check the policies of those sites before sharing personal information therein.
About non-Homboo™ websites and our links to them
Our websites may include connections to third-party websites. The third parties who manage those websites have their own protocols to collect and use information. Homboo is not responsible for the content of those websites or their privacy practices and terms of use. Such links are only included to cater to your needs and its content is solely attributable to the respective site operator.
About the options you have regarding how we share your information
Please send an e-mail to, in case you wish to notify us that we should no longer share your contact information with our advertisers or other third parties. To facilitate processing of the request it is important that your e-mail includes: full name, e-mail address, and mailing address, and must identify your subscription with us. We will do our best to process your request within 15 business days and once processing is complete, we will cease to share your contact information with third parties. You may also notify us that you do not want to receive messages from us regarding our services or products. All steps required to stop receiving advertising e-mails shall be described in the e-mail.

If you do not want to receive broadcast e-mail messages about third parties sent by us concerning products and/or services that we deem interesting to you, you can request to be excluded from such mailing list as per directions included in the electronic message you received.

However, bear in mind that third parties may continue to send you information regarding products and/or services, with us not being able to prevent it, if they get your information before you made your request to us. As in the case previously mentioned, we will to do our best to process your request within 15 business days, but you must know that while your request is processed Homboo may still send you ad messages regarding its services and/or products.

Even if you have canceled your subscription for receiving promotional material and ads from us, you will still receive the information regarding your transactions, like data in connection with your account, payment and/or billing info. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any additional queries with respect to options you have regarding your account info.
About the security measures we use
With the purpose of safeguarding your personal information and help prevent unauthorized access, and guarantee suitable use of the information we collect online, we have implemented managerial procedures and electronic, and physical barriers. After having received your information, we will put our utmost efforts to ensure its security on our systems. Nevertheless, if your information is disclosed due to errors in transmissions or by unauthorized intervention of third parties, we will not be responsible for the information revealed. A key feature of information security is that your subscription is only accessible using a strictly private user name and password. Thus, please refrain from sharing your password with third parties and notify us promptly if you believe that privacy of your password has been compromised.

We consider important that you keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the security of your information in full with respect to transmission of data over the internet or any wireless network. Thus, even as we endeavor to preserve your personal information, you share your information at your own risk.

Please bear in mind that we will never ask for your password through an e-mail or phone call unless you requested us to do so. Furthermore, in those cases where you are using a computer of shared access, please remember to log out and close your browser window when you leave our website. Homboo suggest caution when disclosing personal information on public online forums.
Your California Privacy Rights
California Civil Code Section § 1798.83 permits users of our App and Website that are California residents to request certain information regarding our disclosure of personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. To make such a request, please send an email to
Users outside the United States of America
Our website is hosted in the United States of America. Hence bear in mind that once you access the website your personal information is transferred to the United States of America and it is deemed that you consent on it.