Why opt for a modern design for my new home?

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Date: Jan/24/2024

Contemporary or modern house designs are simple and open yet equally impactful as traditional house designs

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If you've embarked on the journey of building your new home, one of the first questions you might ask yourself is, "What kind of house design and in which architectural style do I want it to be?". You might look at houses on the streets and have your opinions on functionality, aesthetics, and designs. Also, you might have grown up in a house with a particular design style, such as Craftsman, Colonial, Tudor, Victorian, Tuscan, or even Cottage style, which you might find homey and comforting. It is perfectly valid and understandable, but there are more factors that you need to consider when making an important decision such as this.

Today, I will talk about the differences between traditional home styles and contemporary or modern house designs. I will also mention why I think it is essential to consider contemporary or modern house styles over the traditional ones.

¿What are the differences?

There are three main differences between the two: their meaning, design, and construction.

When talking about the meaning, traditional house styles have been supported by the idea that they keep valid through time and that they pass down from one generation to another without losing their charm through the years passing by. Because of this, homes built using traditional house styles often show a mix of different periods in time, showing design variations and differences among room configurations, floor plan layout, decoration styles, and even appliance equipment. This is because these house styles constantly adapt to suit different needs as the years pass. As a result, houses designed using any traditional style offer a mix of changes, such as room configurations and decoration, making them somewhat lose their true nature. It also must be said they are all about symmetry, relying mainly on many architectural decorating elements to get to the final design. They are also precise and immediately recognizable to specific cultures.

With contemporary or modern home designs, the meaning is different. They tend to incorporate simpler but more impactful house designs that respond to the characteristics and needs of today's lifestyles, following cohesive criteria all the way through. Even more, these design styles follow a much more organic design process that considers human factors -such as creativity and imagination- to their best, resulting in original designs characterized by minimalism, clean lines, simple and functional floor plan layouts, and floor-to-ceiling windows, among many others. In the end, customers benefit from better lifestyles, among other benefits.

As mentioned above, houses built using traditional design styles have the intention to last valid for many decades. One clear benefit is that they are built from standard materials and products.

But on the other hand, houses using contemporary and modern design styles are meant to incorporate all the benefits of knowledge and technology. Thus, when building a new home using a modern or contemporary style, you are assuring a home that will offer benefits such as - a new and exciting home design, simple and updated floor plan layout, weatherproof exterior finish products, better natural light, and air ventilation, better lifestyles and of course, a better return on the investment.

Still, there is an essential question that contemporary and modern house design styles must answer yet. It is: will they last valid through decades to come? In my view, yes, of course, but like everything else, it will all depend on how good the design of your new home is. Another important question that helps validate the use of a contemporary or modern house style is: Is it more expensive to build a new home using a modern house plan design than a traditional one?

Well, it will all depend on how much customization is adopted in the design of the house. There are plenty of products such as windows, patio doors, and exterior/interior finish out there on the market manufactured to fit standard dimensions, sizes, and else. Therefore, the more a particular house plan adopts these products with standard sizes, the more it equals the cost of the house built in a traditional design style.

Other important benefits to consider when building a new home with a modern or contemporary design style are that they are usually more conscious of waste and earth-friendly, maximizing and recycling energy, water-saving plumbing, energy-saving lighting, and so on.

More facts to go with a contemporary, modern house design

By now, you might have a more precise idea of the benefits of building your new home in a contemporary or modern house style. Now, if we look in more detail at the facts mentioned above, it is easy to see how the balance will undoubtedly move in favor of building your new home in a contemporary or modern style.

First, modern house plans focus on one of the most important aspects of homes nowadays: space! As a rule, they are much more spacious and open, using open floor plans, floor-to-ceiling windows, high ceilings, and corridors to maximize airflow. They also consider the surrounding environment, capitalizing on views, greenery, or whatever advantage the terrain offers.

Natural light is another significant aspect of it since open floor plans are designed to bring as much natural light in, and the artificial lights are expertly placed so that the rooms in a house don't feel cave-like, dark, and stuffy. Also, they tend to be as eco-friendly as they can be.

Third, there are lots of opportunities to make your home unique. As we know, traditional homes are a bit more "cookie-cutter" style, leaving little room for the space to feel like your own. In modern houses, there is the opportunity for the design to reflect your lifestyle.

Another critical benefit is that contemporary, modern houses have managed to respond accordingly to today's conundrums, difficulties, and new ways of life. This offers the chance to include a good home office into the design with optimal placement, using home tech wherever possible, making the house ergonomic and, of course, more eco-friendly.

Building a dream home using contemporary or modern house plans don’t need to be more expensive than traditional floor plans

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The best part

The best part about all this is not even that you'll get to live in a house that's unique, comfortable, and aligned with today's world, but also it will make your real estate investment much better. These house styles are in high demand on many markets now, and what once was a one-off project commissioned by architects is now on everyone's dream house wish list. In part, it's because of the aesthetic that has become more sought out and, of course, all the other benefits mentioned here. Since contemporary/ modern house designs, in theory, are created from creativity and imagination, they are unique. By being original, they, in a sense, do not fall in the commodity category -so the house's resale value will undoubtedly be much higher. Finally, I will say that good house designs will stand the test of time as long as they are correctly designed.

As we say at Homboo: "The effort, time, and money needed to build a new home using decades-old house plans vs. high-quality designs are about the same... However, the return on the investment is not!"

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