Why build a semi-custom home and not buy a second hand one

Created by: Federica Chacon
Date: Jan/24/2024

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The process of looking for a new home is daunting, which is why the prospect of a second-hand one can seem attractive, with all the details straightened out and ready for you to move right in. While this is for sure one of the perks of going for a second-hand home besides cost, which might be somewhat less expensive, there are a few things we'd like you to consider before forgoing the option of a semi-custom home.

Now, the biggest and most important argument for semi-custom homes is, of course, customization. Semi-custom is the sweet spot between an utterly custom project that typically goes over schedule and budget and a Spec home (ready to move in) in which you have no say unless you renovate, which could cost you even more. In this article, we explain, by the way, the differences between custom and semi-custom homes.

With semi-custom homes, you can pick a house plan that you love and fits your needs while allowing, if needed, to customize its floor plan and all interior and exterior finish products of the home—also taking into account add-ons, such as a garage, etc. In this sense, the customization part allows you to ensure you're implementing ideas to your dream home while simultaneously building on the investment, so it will also grow in dividends in the future. Let us elaborate:

Your perfect layout

You've probably been at a housewarming party for your friends' second-hand home they've just moved into, which took them ages to find and get all the paperwork in order. They're giving you a tour, saying how x is perfect and "look at all the natural light," and the ceilings, and windows, etc., and there is always "this corner here is a little wonky" or "not sure what we're going to do with the size of this room," or "we wish this were a little bigger/wider/taller/more aesthetically pleasing, but we'll figure it out." Often, those house's quirks aren't figured out, much less in a reasonable time and budget.

Building a semi-custom home allows you to find and adjust your layout to the one that best suits you and your partner or family. Home office? Walk-in closet? Home gym? Relax room? Whatever you know makes your life easier, you can have it. It all starts with a list of things you've already pictured your dream home having, thinking about your past living situations and what you liked and disliked about them, what you've seen in other houses and consider valuable, and lastly, that one guilty pleasure you want in your dream home to keep it interesting. After that, the world –or your house– is your oyster.

Semi-custom house plans are the middle spot between custom homes and spec homes

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Build your home into the future

In the past, you've probably had to put up with wonky pipes, an outdated ventilation system, and wiring with out-of-place electrical outlets for your new furniture layout. You name it! Thinking about the things we have now and what we'll probably be seeing in the future, taking those into account for your new home can be a game changer in many ways: a more suitable home, a better lifestyle, and a better return on your investment if you ever decide to sell your house, and probably more safety too.

One of the most game-changing things we have nowadays is the Internet of Things, which was unthinkable less than a decade ago. There is no need to have cables all over the place, and if you have a particular item that requires them, you can plan for that ahead, so they're considered and solved correctly. It is a fact technology will make your life easier and more modern without compromising the aesthetic of your home.

Another significant step into the future, which is also good for your wallet, is the option to make your home greener, which is way less expensive, as you'll be making your house much more efficient energy-wise.

Additionally, acquiring all of these newer technologies, using new products and modern techniques for building a home will guarantee that it will need much less maintenance than second-hand homes. Every house that has been through previous owners has a few things –or more than a few– here or there that need attention, patience, and, most importantly, money. Of course, when you build your new house, there is no wear and tear, but you plan and bulletproof your house design to make it a more durable home.

We explained in detail the great benefits of opting for a modern home in this article.

Lastly, self-expression

One more aspect of opting for a semi-custom home is the freedom to add your personal touches to the house plan, singular to you, what you like, and what you need, style-wise. Few things are more fulfilling than walking into your home and feeling like it is a reflection of yourself.

In the end, many things will weigh in on this decision, but we hope to have elucidated some of the critical aspects of choosing a semi-custom home over a second-hand one.

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