Industrial home designs with a modern twist

Created by: Federica Chacon
Date: Jan/23/2024

Modern industrial home designs - A perfect mix of exposed structure & materials and clean lines-bold shapes.


When looking for your ideal house design that suits your personality and needs, one of the initial steps is to define the style you like best. This can be overwhelming, seeing as there are plenty to choose from. Ultimately, it all comes down to the aesthetics and functions you want your dream home to achieve and the finish materials you wish it to use.

The Industrial design style trend initially took place in the early 20th century. When the pressure of a rapidly growing population gave abandoned mills and warehouses a second opportunity to become livable headquarters. So, spaces such as old factories, warehouses, or even old firehouses, started to be considered comfortable and liveable with their particular rustic feel, exposed walls, high ceilings, and open floor plans.

After this first boom of industrial home plans, other trends, such as Bauhaus and modern architecture, with their clean lines and modern takes, put this style on the back of everyone’s minds. However, about twenty years ago, industrial design decor had a massive comeback while being influenced by the modern and contemporary home styles that came after it. Suddenly what started as a solution for overpopulation became a trendy design style on solid grounds. Obtaining extensive exposure in TV shows and movies (you might remember Dan Humphrey’s home from Gossip Girl). Becoming very chic in no time. However, this later trend version looks wildly different from what it looked back then.

More and more contemporary home designs have their own take on this trend: Keeping elements such as metal panels, industrial lighting fixtures, and using concrete while pairing them with more modern accents. Such as high ceilings and white walls to achieve a cool and crisp house design with lots of elegance. It also enjoys a space openness, resulting from open floor plan designs- with a more rustic feel to create homeyness and add personality while adding the more modern bits that bring a more functional and contemporary look.

There are many very Instagrammable takes on this trend. Some come to mind, such as steel-paned showers, exposed lighting, dark tones, and the use of wood in ceilings and decorative items. This style is undoubtedly prone to that play between minimalism and those rustic accents that look so interesting together and full of personality. It is also right in the sweet spot between relaxed, structured, and cozy.

Read on to see how you can achieve this look in your new home.

Modern industrial interiors enhance sharp shapes, steel structural elements, wood, Exposed pipes-ducts and a variety of vintage and modern furniture.


The first and most important characteristic of this decor style is minimalism. These typically need open floor plans to create large open spaces with tons of room and light. The whole area must feel open, balanced, relaxed, and with good natural light. The beauty of minimalism is that every single item counts. As home decorators say: “Every piece must be a statement piece,” from the lights to the trash can. The point is to leave the room as stripped as possible to keep that exposed feel while not missing out on showcasing your personality.

The second thing to keep in mind is to put practicality first. Go for simple yet impactful pieces when picking out chairs, sofas, lights, and decor. Favor clean lines and a consolidated color palette to keep everything looking intentional. Keep reading if you’re worried about making it look homey and comfy.

To add personality and warmth, consider mixing different textures. This will add some visual interest too. This is possible by incorporating various materials such as metal, concrete, and brick with wood and neutral tones. Different finish materials, such as steel/metal, wood, raw brick, or marble, allow you to play and generate particular design accents vital to the industrial look with natural textures. Also, you can add to this process warm touches by opting for, for example, a wool throw blanket over a selected couch or attractively designed throw pillows. These are all simple ways to add to the layers of visual interest without relying on tons of decor.

Lastly, going back to the metal accents, please make sure to incorporate them in critical places, both with decor and the materials used to build the home. These are essential for achieving the industrial look while keeping things modern. Recent style trends have also managed to offer an industrial look without the upkeep of industrial finishing, which is another essential factor to consider when opting for this style.

In summary, an Industrial design style is a fantastic option for those wanting their home to exude a cool, relaxed, confident vibe while still keeping it minimalist and structured. It is still fully trendy and will continue to be for years to come. By the way, if you are looking for good home designs/house plans with this style, you can check them out here.

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