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Hallandale Beach, Florida - US
A modern house design / 4 bedroom house plan with an open floor, a home office, TV/family, library and a 2 car garage. Large windows offering lots of natural light and great connection to surroundings. Rich and colorful exterior finish materials (stucco / wood and painted metal panels)... A best selling house design!
1938.0 sqft 3 bed 2.5 bath
2 story 5610' - " wide 684' - " deep
Hallandale Beach, Florida - US
The contemporary-modern design style of this four-bedroom house shows a beautiful crisp overall volume with exciting exterior finish materials, which are combined to create a compelling and elegant volumetric game. The open floor plans have been conceptualized and designed as rational and simple as possible, creating a beautiful and exciting space flow. (check out the kitchen spaces, storage on the lower level) . This house design also provides a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the backyard view. All rooms enjoy extensive window exposure towards the backyard on lower and upper levels. This beautiful contemporary new home provides homeowners with a lavish lifestyle and a tremendous unparalleled investment in real estate investment… all expectations!
2946.0 sqft 4 bed 4.5 bath
2 story 52' - 8" wide 87' - 8" deep