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Hallandale Beach, Florida - US
This seductive and meticulously designed two-bedroom home is a prized Homboo find. A beautiful house plan design. Semi-open floor plan design - floor-to-ceiling windows and patio doors are designed to bring every room with excitement and beauty from views around and within. On top of that, gorgeous room designs and perfect room sizes are part of this bestseller. The floor plans provide refined and efficient spaces creating excitement all around. The dining and the living rooms complement each other tremendously without losing relevance and independence from each other. This new home also includes a beautiful home office with lots of natural lights… no doubt, an excellent design!
1658.0 sqft 2 bed 2.5 bath
2 story 85' - 0" wide 49' - 8" deep
Hallandale Beach, Florida - US
This beautiful and innovative three-bedroom house comes with a living room totally integrated with the backyard, generating an incredible value of peaceful living and connection to its surroundings. Here, the architect design highlights the importance of living in direct access to the surroundings. It also offers a beautiful home office room strategically located. (check out the living, dining, kitchen/ family, and office spaces). This innovative new home design certainly offers homeowners a lifestyle of its own, with a unique floor plan layout, and a tremendous unparalleled real estate investment… exceeding all expectations!
1729.0 sqft 1 bed 1.0 bath
1 story 90' - 4" wide 66' - 8" deep
Hallandale Beach, Florida - US
This beautiful Modern Traditional one-story house, right from the entrance, makes you feel warmly greeted to a rich light-colored space with large patio doors and windows, and a bright open floor plan seamlessly connecting the living, dining room, kitchen and family to an inviting backyard... Lots of natural light in every room of the house! This new home floor plan is very efficient and pays much attention to offering ample spaces, including a home office/flexible space with lots of natural light. In addition, the kitchen has been meticulously located becoming an integral part of the whole. It also provides two spacious bedrooms plus an oversized master bedroom including a sitting area, a walk-in closet, and direct access to the back yard and porch through. It also counts with three and a half bathrooms... A great choice!
2087.0 sqft 3 bed 3.5 bath
1 story 66' - 10" wide 65' - 10" deep
Hallandale Beach, Florida - US
This industrial two floors/one-bedroom home design combines lots of excitement, innovation, coolness, and simplicity with a touch of elegance. Crisp - open floor plan design with high ceilings showing white walls and exposed structural ceilings… a great combination! The house's exterior volume richness, maintenance-free industrial finishing, and floor plans scream out load 'best architect home design,' reflecting lots of personality and taste for those searching for a contemporary/ industrial house design and a unique lifestyle. (Check out lower upper floor plans)
653.0 sqft 1 bed 1.5 bath
2 story 36' - " wide 38' - 4" deep