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Design Intent
This beautiful Modern Traditional one-story house, right from the entrance, makes you feel warmly greeted to a rich light-colored space with large patio doors and windows, and a bright open floor plan seamlessly connecting the living, dining room, kitchen and family to an inviting backyard... Lots of natural light in every room of the house! This new home floor plan is very efficient and pays much attention to offering ample spaces, including a home office/flexible space with lots of natural light. In addition, the kitchen has been meticulously located becoming an integral part of the whole. It also provides two spacious bedrooms plus an oversized master bedroom including a sitting area, a walk-in closet, and direct access to the back yard and porch through. It also counts with three and a half bathrooms... A great choice!
Room Configuration
***This drawings are a representation of the actual-construction plans
Main Floor
The living, dining, kitchen, and family room are below an open pitched 12'-5' height ceiling, finished with architectural grain veneer light wood... Just beautiful! Ceilings in the bedroom area are 9' high.
Style Modern Traditional
Dimensions Main Floor 66' - 10"x65' - 10" - 2087.0 sqft
Height 12' - 5"
Total Area 2087.0 sqft
Spatial Feature Bedrooms 19' - 2"x14' - 1"
Bedrooms 14' - 10"x12' - 0"
Bedrooms 19' - 2"x11' - 0"
Bathrooms 6' - 8"x10' - 5"
Bathrooms 7' - 2"x7' - 0"
Bathrooms 7' - 2"x7' - 0"
Bathrooms 5' - 10"x4' - 6"
Kitchen 14' - 4"x12' - 0"
Living 12' - 6"x14' - 7"
Dining 10' - 0"x14' - 7"
Garage spaces 23' - 10"x18' - 0"
Office - Other 12' - 2"x10' - 0"
Materials Facade All exterior walls of the house are covered with treated wood, smooth stucco, painted metal panels and glass
Roofing The roof finished with painted metal panels
Structure Main Structural System Light wood framing
Foundation Concrete
Project Documentation Anotations units Imperial (ft)
Anotations Lenguage English
Building Codes None
This house plan set includes the following items.

Select all the items included in this house plan set
Floor Plans All floor plans are scaled and indicate the location of wall frame support members, door - windows schedule, plumbing fixtures, cabinet locations, and general notes.
Exterior Elevations All elevations are scaled, showing the overall configuration of the home at each side view, heights, roof overhangs, window header heights, roof pitches, materials used.
Building Sections Some sections of the house are included - they have the intention to show some details not provided on elevations. Such as, for example, volumetric/height conditions/openings. Your builder/contractor/subcontractors might need new sections to obtain more detailed information not shown here.
Cabinets Elevations This plan set may / may not include some elevations suggesting possible design configuration of cabinets, heights, widths, type of components used, cabinet material and finish, counter surfaces, and appliances.
Foundation Plans Scale foundation plans may / may not indicate the location of structural walls, grade beams, reinforcing steel, and structural columns. Again, consulting a local engineer is advisable to obtain an on-site soil analysis and conditions.
Electrical Plans Scale schematic plans indicating the location and types of electrical fixtures, switches, outlets, and how they are switched. Plans do not include circuiting or wire sizing, specialty items such as hose bibbs, gas connections, location of a/c equipment, return air vents, or other mechanical/electrical/plumbing items.
These items are NOT included:

  • Architectural or Engineering Stamp
  • Site Plan
  • Mechanical drawings (this design suggests a location for the heating and air-conditioning equipment; however, your contractor/subcontractor must recommend and handle the air equipment final location, ductwork, and any other needed item.).
  • Plumbing drawings showing actual plumbing pipe location, sizes, etc.
  • Energy calculations.
Plan Set
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PDF PDF Plan sets include complete working drawings delivered electronically. It also includes a copyright for plan change and modifications and unlimited printing. $1,250.00
CAD This format is used by professionals (home designers, structural, engineers, and builders) to make significant changes and modifications to the original design. Not all designers use the same CAD program. Please contact us at to learn more about the software used for a specifications. $2,080.00
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One time use This license option allows you to build only one home from a set of plans. Homboo plan licenses are nontransferable and cannot be resold. $0.00
Multiple Use If you intend to build more than one house with this set of plans, please contact us to $2,990.00
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