Why you should think remote when looking for a new home design

Created by: Federica Chacón
Date: May/09/2022

It's no secret that working as we know has completely changed after the pandemic. Experts agree that it is 100% impossible that we will return to how we used to work with 8 hours a day sitting in an office. Therefore, we are conditioning our existing homes or new home designs to fit our current and future needs, such as having a space for online courses - studies, exercising, and working remotely. Thus, having additional rooms dedicated to these activities can enormously help you improve your productivity and efficiency and stimulate a healthier lifestyle.

However, turning a residual space from the living room or any other room of the house (such as a den, family/sunroom, or else) into a home office will not provide a place comfortable enough for day-long working activity. Besides, having different activities mixed within one room of the house -from various family members- generally generates conflicts. Thus, not having a room "home office," among other factors, will undoubtedly prevent you from increasing the value of your home as it will be unattractive to future homebuyers.

If you are planning to build a new home in the near future, it is a must to include in your new house plan a place "a home office" from which you can work remotely and maybe have other activities as well in it.

Including a home office or a multi-use room will generate the following benefits:

The resale value of your home increases

What works for you may be entirely different from someone else's needs. However, having a well-designed room dedicated to working remotely from home is a great asset in your house plan design, given that it is becoming a necessity for more and more people now and in the future. In addition, we live in changing times, so you must think long-term and build your new house with floor plans that adapt to these changes. Therefore, including a home office room will play in your favor as it improves your lifestyle and future investment.

It's also a change that affects the environment positively

Everyone contributes to the planet in their own way, and some of us are greener than others. Including a home office in your new house is also a way to reduce your carbon footprint by cutting down on driving or commuting emissions by working from home.

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You can save more

Having a space in your beautiful home to work comfortably and productively for long hours can save you money in different ways. First of all, you save big on commuting expenses, as mentioned above. Second, you will also save money on eating out or getting snacks and others. Third, you can also save big on clothing suitable for going to the office. And the list goes on and on, from childcare, data costs, and dog walkers. If you're conscious of this new lifestyle, you will see significant changes in your budget in the short, mid, and long term.

More time for you

It is true that before the pandemic, we had a hard time setting up boundaries with our time. However, now we know that working from home offers us more time to spend with our families and friends, exercising, and even playing with the dog. As a result, we've truly learned to appreciate that extra time we have to spend with the ones we love most or do the activities of our preferences.
I don't know about you, but thinking about how long it would take me to get ready, have breakfast, and drive or commute to the office every day makes me cringe for those lost hours.

You'll be more productive

Not having a home office could certainly play against you, depending on how productive you want to be with your time. For example, if your "home office" is set up somewhere between the dining, living, or other room with different activities, you will be constantly distracted and interrupted. Not to mention the inability to hold an important meeting with working peers online.

Thus, ensuring an efficient and productive day starts with a well-designed room, "a home office," that proves independent, well-located with the light quality needed to offer you comfortably long working hours. This room shouldn't feel like some haphazardly put-together desk, and chair in an area shared with the Peloton and the playroom. It is also a plus if this room provides a large window area bringing natural light and a feeling of openness. Again, it's about psychology 101: Before the pandemic, experts would recommend not to work from our beds. It was important to separate work from family life and sleeping time. Well, the same happens here. An appropriate home office must be a space dedicated to "work and productivity" and should meet a minimum set of requirements to function correctly.

In summary, many of us will never go back to how we worked in the past. As a result, we might have to research more and learn about the benefits of having a home office in our new house. Thus, it is a question of which house design style best suits your needs, goals, and style preferences. Luckily, can help you with that. So, check out our home plans and see which one fits your dream home best.

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