Thinking about buying art for your new home? Here’s how to do it

Created by: Federica Chacón
Date: Apr/01/2022

One of the main concerns when moving into a new home is “How am I going to fill all of these blank walls?”. While it is a scary commitment to look for those key pieces that will accentuate your new home design in the best possible way, it can also be an exciting time to evaluate your likes, look at your house blueprint and understand the most advantageous ways to accentuate your home through art.

Luckily, we can give you a few tips as for how exactly to do that:

Define what you’re looking for in terms of style

Whether it is just you, you and your partner or your whole family, there needs to be a consensus on the types of art that you would enjoy in your home. It could be contemporary, modern, still lives, realistic, cubist, photography, etc. Also, define the main characteristics of it: colorful, monochrome, black and white, etc.

Understand what you need

Here it’s best to look at your house design and understand the proportions you might need for each room. Write down exactly what you’re looking for in terms of size and placement of the artwork

Get your hands on some art - Homboo Homes


Get your hands on some art

Once you understand what you’re looking for and have your budget in mind, it’s time to get hunting. Art is available in many shapes, sizes, prices, and venues. Finding the perfect pieces for you may start in different ways, here a few to help inspire some places to look:
  • Scrolling through Tik Tok and finding an artist you can commission an artwork to which can be shipped to your home. Same on Instagram.
  • Looking in Etsy for prints, photography or artists you can buy from or commission something to as well.
  • Attending art events featuring established or emerging artists can help you to get to know what is out there in terms of contemporary art.
  • Learning about paper works can be helpful as well, as there are tons of options out there that are a lot less expensive than other types of art.

Learn about framing

There are tons of options online and probably in your town as well, which can definitely vary immensely in cost. You can go for less expensive frames, especially if you’re up for finding some amazing pieces in vintage markets, but do make sure that the mats touching the material are acid free. Not checking this can lead to your artwork deteriorating quicker.

It’s okay to play around a bit, test out the look of the artwork through apps and websites that can recreate digitally how it would look, such as this one from Ikea. Most importantly, the last thing to keep in mind is to have fun with your new place finding ways to express your personality in your beautiful home.