The modern farmhouse trend and why we love it

Created by: Federica Chacón
Date: Apr/01/2022

If you were here for Adele's latest album release and her iconic interview with Vogue in her home, you would probably know what modern farmhouse interior design is about. Well, this trend came back into fashion around 2020, inspired by houses in the U.S. countryside. This style is a fantastic medley of cozy and practical elements mixed with more modern touches that bring it into this day and age and make it very trendy.

Initially, it was inspired by folks that would grow food for themselves and a bit more to sell in the farmer's markets. These houses had a practical charm, a connection with nature and organic elements, and simple, not overly decorated styles. This yielded a cozy aesthetic, making the house's design homey and warm. Even though it would be considered out of trend. Today, the potential for coziness and warmth was too good not to be incorporated with a more modern perspective.

Thus, this interior design style was taken and rethought by a group of outstanding residential architects -more so in the United States. The premise was to keep its natural warmth and coziness while giving it a new fresh/contemporary design style. The idea was to translate its ease, convenience, and practicality into a modern contemporary aesthetic. In this context, connecting the outdoors -the place for growing your food and the incredible grits from these practices could be honored by materials used in the house, disposition, and overall feel of house designs.

Of course, there is a wide range of variations within the current interior farmhouse style. Some houses can have a deeper farmhouse look than others, for example, in Adele's house case. If you saw her interview with Vogue, you would get a clear glimpse of what this style can look like, with organic elements, farmhouse architecture, and modern touches. She told Vogue that when she moved to L.A., she wanted a house with "fresh air and somewhere where I could see the sky" that reminded her of the English countryside type of home. You can also check out Jared and Genevieve Padalecki's house in Austin, featured in Architectural Digest. Their house has a more modern design approach, but it still shares lots of the farmhouse take.

Adele - Homboo Homes


Some take the concept of the farmhouse and abstract it to its most nuclear elements: the comfort of natural textures and bringing in the outdoors. You can see examples of these in the pictures above.

To keep this style in a more contemporary vibe, minimal interiors are necessary. A mixture of clean lines, sleek design, brushed metals, neutral palettes of color, and a few organic elements to keep with the snug vibes. This way, you can keep the best aspects of the farmhouse style while still looking up-to-date and modern. The more cluttered and mismatched your place is, the more it will start looking like an eclectic farmhouse style. By the way, we need to understand better the design concept behind it, so we are not recommending it.

Anna Beeber, Partner at Champalimaud Design, tells Home and Gardens: "Today, the modern farmhouse is a celebration of the historical form, updated with interiors that embrace a contemporary design perspective (...). The relationship between the old and the new must be considered and work in tandem with one another – the harmony is essential". This highlights the beautiful contrast from mixing a style that celebrates certain historical moments, practices, and unique characteristics while bringing it into more current times. This can also ensure that the house ages well and is more adaptable to modern utilities and additions.

Another celebrity crib you can check out to see what we mean is Demi Lovato's "Trippy Modern Farmhouse." It was also featured in Architectural Digest Magazine. As she mentioned in her interview, "I wanted something that was glam, modern, and fabulous, but also wanted to bring in the outdoors and feel comfortable." Thus the modern farmhouse style decor fitted her design ideal perfectly.

Minimal Interiors Are a Must - Homboo Homes

Source: Alyssa Rosenheck in Elle

Mixture Of Clean Lines - Homboo Homes

Source: Athena Calderone in Elle

This style is definitely for those looking for comfort, warmth, peace, and a little hint of home in their own houses (if your idea of home is outdoorsy, that is). This home interior decor's ideal impact is to serve as a way of escape, a sanctuary from the real world where you can recharge and connect, reminding us of simpler times. It is a fantastic option if any or all of those things resonate with you.

Homboo Articles is an excellent place to continue your reading and research. There, you'll find more interesting articles, as well as modern house plans. All the house designs and plans accomplish those cozy vibes while keeping it nice and contemporary.

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