Industrial home designs with a modern twist

Created by: Federica Chacón
Date: Apr/01/2022


When looking for your ideal house design, the one that suits your personality and needs, one of the initial steps to take is to define the style that you like the best. This can be overwhelming, seeing as there are plenty to choose from. In the end, it all comes down to the aesthetic, materials and functions you want your new home design to achieve.

Industrial home design has been gaining more and more traction over recent years with its weathered wood, exposed building systems, brick, concrete, metal panels and industrial lighting fixtures. Certainly, there is a gradient of exactly how industrial you want your home to be (i.e. how closely it will resemble old factories and industrial spaces).

This trend started taking shape in the early 20th century, when the pressure of a rapidly growing population gave abandoned mills and warehouses a second opportunity to be livable headquarters. And so, spaces such as old factories, warehouses, or even old firehouses started being reimagined as livable with their characteristic rustic feel, exposed wall, high ceilings and open floor plan.

Industrial home plans


After the boom of industrial home plans followed other trends such as Bauhaus and modern architecture which put this style on the back burner. It’s until twenty years ago that industrial design has had a comeback while being influenced by all of the modern home styles that came after it. Thus, this trend looks wildly different right now from what it looked like back then.

More modern home designs do their own take on this trend keeping elements such as the metal panels, the industrial lighting fixtures and the use of concrete while pairing them with more modern accents such as high ceilings and white walls to achieve a cool and crisp home plan with a touch of elegance.

Other Instagrammable moments come to mind such as steel-paned showers, exposed lighting, dark tones and the use of wood in ceilings and decorative items.

With this style of design, your new home will evoke an urban polished sentiment. It is also right in the sweet spot between cool and structured, cozy. This is possible in the mix of materials such as metal and concrete with wood and neutral tones. Recent home designs have also managed to offer the industrial look without the upkeep of industrial finishing, which is another important factor to consider when opting for this style.

All in all, this is an option for those wanting their home to exude a cool, confident vibe while still keeping it minimalist and structured. We offer a great home plan for this style which you can check out here

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