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Lorrie Castellano and Roger Fisher of Palo Alto, California, had their heart set on a garden with simple, clean lines to go with their new architect-designed home on a small city lot just 50 by 112 feet
by Rick Joy
Tucson-based architect Rick Joy may be known best for the expressive, dignified forms of his houses, but when asked how he might describe his style, he denies having one
When an adventure-loving couple decided to build a second home in the mountains for hosting friends, grown children, and—someday— grandchildren, they enlisted Californiabased Studio Bergtraun Architects to design it on a steep site in the Sierra Nevadas n
by LevenBetts
Stella Betts and David Leven have been partners in design and life for almost 20 years, and one of their most recent projects has brought them back to the earliest days of their practice
By taking advantage of economies of scale, a Houston native and a pair of mod-minded developers team up to create nine affordable row houses in the Houston Heights
With Miele's state-of-the-art, premium home appliances, designer Chris Tosdevin helps home cooks build extraordinary kitchens
by Architects & Firms
As more architects get their hands literally dirty with the design-build process, this form of project delivery is resulting in some quite elegant structures